Oral Hygiene Products for Dogs

A significant aspect of dog ownership is the oral hygiene of your dog. It is important for the health of your dog to remove food debris, odor causing bacteria and plaque from your dog’s teeth regularly. Cleansing of the teeth will also freshen your dog’s breath. There are many oral hygiene products for dogs available at your local pet supply store or online.
Toothbrushes and Toothpaste are the Most Common Oral Hygiene Products for Dogs

Brushing your dog’s teeth with toothbrushes and toothpaste for dogs is a common method of cleansing your dog’s teeth.

Although ordinary toothbrushes maybe used, toothbrushes made specifically for dogs have softer bristles and angled handles designed to reach back teeth. Battery operated electric toothbrushes for dogs may also be used if your dog complies. Another option is the finger toothbrush, which fits over the dog owner’s finger.

Toothpaste for dogs is made in flavors that dogs enjoy such as chicken flavor, mint flavor and peanut flavor. Ingredients used may include parsley, mint and other herbs. No rinsing is needed. Do not use toothpastes made for humans since they may contain ingredients that are harmful to dogs.

Breath Sprays and Water Additives are Other Oral Hygiene Products for Dogs

Breath sprays for dogs are available in convenient, spray bottle dispensers in flavors that dogs love. Used when brushing your dog’s teeth is not feasible, breath sprays aid in cleansing the teeth. Again, do not use human breath sprays or mouthwashes for your dog.

Water additives are oral hygiene products that are added to your dog’s water bowl. This is a simple, convenient way to help cleanse your dog’s teeth, and his breath will be freshened with every drink from his bowl.

More Oral Hygiene Products for Dogs Include Dental Chew Bones and Breath Mints

Almost all dogs enjoy dental chews bones, which are made especially to promote oral hygiene in dogs. Dog owners should select dental chews that are made in the U.S. from natural ingredients and are digestible such as Terrabones. Supervision is recommended.

Dog owners will not be surprised to learn about breath mints for dogs. Made from chlorophyll and mint, breath mints are another convenient way help to cleanse your dog’s teeth and freshen his breath as well.

Which Oral Hygiene Products for Dogs Are Best for Your Dog?

All of the oral hygiene products for dogs described above will help clean your dog’s teeth. Although brushing your dog’s teeth using a dog toothpaste and toothbrush is not the most convenient method, it is still the best way to promote oral hygiene in dogs.