Defining Dental Plaque

Fear of the dentist affects a great many of the U.S.. In fact, half of us didn’t see the dentist in 2020. It’s not a good idea to wait until you are driven to it by the pain neglected teeth can cause. That’s dangerous…as dental plague really is.

Infection:That’s what dental plaque really is

An infection incubated and harbored in your mouth. That’s what causes the pain when having your teeth cleaned. This infection can cause some serious problems in other parts of your body.

Heart Disease: Is there a connection?

By now, anyone who pays attention knows that there is a link between dental health and heart health. Dental plaque, or the infection, is the key. Think about it; everything in your mouth is going to be circulated through the rest of your body either by digestion or the blood stream. Infections are then spread throughout your body.

Tooth Loss

This is another thing that people consider a cosmetic problem. That’s not the case. Our teeth are an important part of the digestive tract. We need them to bite, but more important we need them to chew. The act of chewing, along with saliva, is necessary to proper digestion. Dental plaque is step one towards tooth loss.

Bleeding: Do you see blood after brushing or flossing?

This isn’t something to take lightly. If your teeth and gums are so infected that the mere act of brushing and flossing cause noticeable blood, it is a serious concern.

Bone Loss

If dental plaque isn’t removed soon enough, the infection can go throughout the tooth and then into the surrounding bones. This is a situation that requires extensive surgery, and it is an emergency…it has to be done. Why?

Throat Abscess

The infection can cause your throat to close up due to an abscess. This will kill you very quickly. Unless something is done before complete closure, you will only have about four more minutes to live.

Septic Shock

The infection caused by that simple dental plaque can cause your blood to become infected. This is a life threatening…and life ending…problem.

Have I scared you yet?

I had a long talk with the dental hygienist earlier this week. I, too, fear the dentist. I have the kindest, gentlest and (I think) smartest dentist in the world. It’s still hard to get me into that chair. This information scared me. I will definitely be seeing him at appropriate intervals. It won’t be just to keep my teeth looking good, it’s because I now know that my life may depend on it.