Byte vs Candid Aligners: Price, Treatment Time, and Quality Compared

Byte and Candid are two of the newest teeth straightening options on the market.

Among the dental-correcting service providers are Byte and Candid. Wondering which way you should lean towards in the Byte Vs Candid aligners debate? We’d say that the arguments are strong for both sides, but we’re partial towards Byte aligners and Byte retainers. We’ll dig into that further in this article.

Similarities – Byte Vs. Candid

Invisible Aligners

Many of today’s clients look for aligners that are discreet. Both Byte and Candid deliver on this front with their almost invisible aligners. You can now wear your day-time aligners in public without feeling conscious about people spotting it from miles away. 

Flexible Financing

Candid requires a down payment of $399 and Byte asks for $249 if you choose to pay in monthly installments. After this, you can pay a monthly rate of $83 and $99 each month for up to 24 to 25 months.

Safety Is Crucial

The treatment plans assigned to customers are the result of careful observation by Byte and Candid’s respective orthodontists. Everything, from your treatment plan to your aligner, is carefully planned. 

Accept Insurance

Both Byte and Candid accept HSA and FAS accounts. If you’re unsure about whether your insurance covers this kind of treatment, don’t worry about it because Byte and Candid offer to check for you. You provide your details to them, and they enquire to see if your insurance provider will cover for you.

Only Orthodontists on Board

There are dental service providers that employ both dentists and orthodontists in their workforce. However, Candid and Byte prefer to streamline things by only enrolling specialized orthodontists. Their teams work towards offering highly customized treatment plans for each individual.

Differences – Byte Vs. Candid

Time Frame for Results

Byte remains unbeatable when it comes to the quick turnaround time for their treatments. With Candid, customers have to check in with their orthodontist ever so often to stay updated about the next best possible option for continuing treatment. This can go on for a minimum of six weeks. Byte prides itself on its Hyperbyte device that aids faster treatment for clients. The Hyperbyte technology facilitates faster teeth alignment so customers can expect results in half the time as compared to regular treatments.


At Byte, it’ll cost you around $1895 for teeth aligners and $95 for an impression kit. Candid charges $2400 for their aligners and $95 for their impression kit. For this cost, Byte throws in their Hyperbyte device at no additional cost with each kit. Both Byte and Candid give out their post-treatment retainers for free, unlike most other dental-correcting service providers.

Customer Reviews

Candid and Byte both fare commendably well in this area. Customers love Candid’s prompt customer service, both in their studios and virtually. They also appreciate Candid’s remote networking feature that allows clients to get on with appointments from anywhere via their smartphone. The only major complaint customers have with Candid is that their site is not supported on a Firefox browser. 

The customer review rating for Byte exceeds Candid’s by a mere .4%. Byte may not have studios, but they make sure to cater to their customers’ queries and come to their assistance virtually as best as they can. The Byte before and after reviews left by customers are noteworthy. They appreciate the quick and noticeable results from using Byte aligners. The only area of complaint with Byte pertains to their no-shipping policy to North Carolina.

Refund Policies

Candid refunds the impression kit cost if you aren’t eligible for their treatments. In case you’re unhappy with the results after a treatment, you can put in a ‘correction request.’ The studio covers these charges. Byte, too, offers a total refund in case of ineligibility of their treatments. Additionally, they offer the lifetime guarantee policy through which you can avail free corrections in case of misalignments after a treatment.

How Does Byte Work?

You receive an impression kit in your mailbox. Take your teeth’s impression and send the results over to their address. The orthodontists at Byte use this data to draw up a treatment plan for you. You will then receive your aligner package. Their specialists check in on clients regularly throughout the process.

Does Byte Offer Discounts?

Byte dishes out enticing discounts for special customers all year round – veterans receive $150 off. There are also special discounts for first responders and students. Other than that, you’ll have to check their website during the holidays or at certain times of the year to stay on the pulse about their offers.

Defining Dental Plaque

Fear of the dentist affects a great many of the U.S.. In fact, half of us didn’t see the dentist in 2020. It’s not a good idea to wait until you are driven to it by the pain neglected teeth can cause. That’s dangerous…as dental plague really is.

Infection:That’s what dental plaque really is

An infection incubated and harbored in your mouth. That’s what causes the pain when having your teeth cleaned. This infection can cause some serious problems in other parts of your body.

Heart Disease: Is there a connection?

By now, anyone who pays attention knows that there is a link between dental health and heart health. Dental plaque, or the infection, is the key. Think about it; everything in your mouth is going to be circulated through the rest of your body either by digestion or the blood stream. Infections are then spread throughout your body.

Tooth Loss

This is another thing that people consider a cosmetic problem. That’s not the case. Our teeth are an important part of the digestive tract. We need them to bite, but more important we need them to chew. The act of chewing, along with saliva, is necessary to proper digestion. Dental plaque is step one towards tooth loss.

Bleeding: Do you see blood after brushing or flossing?

This isn’t something to take lightly. If your teeth and gums are so infected that the mere act of brushing and flossing cause noticeable blood, it is a serious concern.

Bone Loss

If dental plaque isn’t removed soon enough, the infection can go throughout the tooth and then into the surrounding bones. This is a situation that requires extensive surgery, and it is an emergency…it has to be done. Why?

Throat Abscess

The infection can cause your throat to close up due to an abscess. This will kill you very quickly. Unless something is done before complete closure, you will only have about four more minutes to live.

Septic Shock

The infection caused by that simple dental plaque can cause your blood to become infected. This is a life threatening…and life ending…problem.

Have I scared you yet?

I had a long talk with the dental hygienist earlier this week. I, too, fear the dentist. I have the kindest, gentlest and (I think) smartest dentist in the world. It’s still hard to get me into that chair. This information scared me. I will definitely be seeing him at appropriate intervals. It won’t be just to keep my teeth looking good, it’s because I now know that my life may depend on it.

First Person: In Pain Over Our New Dental Plan

Last November, I signed my family up for a new dental plan. When I first reviewed the policy, I compared it to my existing dental plan and I didn’t see any glaring changes or omissions. Now with the plan in full effect, I am beginning to really regret my decision. Here is a look at why our new dental policy has us crying out in pain, and what we plan to do to offset the costs.

Dealing With a Hefty Dental Bill

After having a root canal, various x-rays and a cleaning on my teeth, I thought my dental pain was over. Little did I know that it had really just begun. As if being in agony over a throbbing tooth wasn’t bad enough, my dentist added insult to injury when I received a $1,500 bill in the mail. My jaw dropped when I saw the bill, and I couldn’t understand why my bill was so high. When I called my dental insurance company, they offered an explanation that left me wanting to cry.

Deductible and High Cost Sharing

I was told by my insurance company that $1,500 is the amount after the insurance company paid their allowed amount. I was responsible for a $500 deductible, after that the plan pays 60 percent up to the plan maximum of $1,000. When I realized that the amount on my bill was the amount I was actually responsible to pay out of pocket, I saw red. Prior to calling my insurance company, I was certain that the insurance slipped up and forgot to pay on the charges. Little did I know that the insurance company had paid all they were required to pay, and I had to foot the rest of the bill.

Plan Maximum Means Minimal Work

Because my plan maximum was exceeded, I will not be getting any further dental work this year, unless it is absolutely necessary. Since I opted for a lower dental premium, the quality of my plan was also downgraded. In the future, I will thoroughly review the policy details before singing on the dotted line. In the meanwhile, I have a $1,500 bill to deal with.

How We Are Dealing With the Bill

I’ve set up a payment arrangement with the dental office and will be paying in increments of $200 until it is paid off completely. Luckily, I have a dental office that is willing to work with us in paying down our debt. Additionally, my Flexible Spending Account comes in handy. I’ve set aside money out of each paycheck that can be put toward medical and dental expenses. Although we were upset over a $1,500 bill, we’ve found ways to deal with it. In the meantime we will be looking for a better dental plan for next year.

Oral Hygiene Products for Dogs

A significant aspect of dog ownership is the oral hygiene of your dog. It is important for the health of your dog to remove food debris, odor causing bacteria and plaque from your dog’s teeth regularly. Cleansing of the teeth will also freshen your dog’s breath. There are many oral hygiene products for dogs available at your local pet supply store or online.
Toothbrushes and Toothpaste are the Most Common Oral Hygiene Products for Dogs

Brushing your dog’s teeth with toothbrushes and toothpaste for dogs is a common method of cleansing your dog’s teeth.

Although ordinary toothbrushes maybe used, toothbrushes made specifically for dogs have softer bristles and angled handles designed to reach back teeth. Battery operated electric toothbrushes for dogs may also be used if your dog complies. Another option is the finger toothbrush, which fits over the dog owner’s finger.

Toothpaste for dogs is made in flavors that dogs enjoy such as chicken flavor, mint flavor and peanut flavor. Ingredients used may include parsley, mint and other herbs. No rinsing is needed. Do not use toothpastes made for humans since they may contain ingredients that are harmful to dogs.

Breath Sprays and Water Additives are Other Oral Hygiene Products for Dogs

Breath sprays for dogs are available in convenient, spray bottle dispensers in flavors that dogs love. Used when brushing your dog’s teeth is not feasible, breath sprays aid in cleansing the teeth. Again, do not use human breath sprays or mouthwashes for your dog.

Water additives are oral hygiene products that are added to your dog’s water bowl. This is a simple, convenient way to help cleanse your dog’s teeth, and his breath will be freshened with every drink from his bowl.

More Oral Hygiene Products for Dogs Include Dental Chew Bones and Breath Mints

Almost all dogs enjoy dental chews bones, which are made especially to promote oral hygiene in dogs. Dog owners should select dental chews that are made in the U.S. from natural ingredients and are digestible such as Terrabones. Supervision is recommended.

Dog owners will not be surprised to learn about breath mints for dogs. Made from chlorophyll and mint, breath mints are another convenient way help to cleanse your dog’s teeth and freshen his breath as well.

Which Oral Hygiene Products for Dogs Are Best for Your Dog?

All of the oral hygiene products for dogs described above will help clean your dog’s teeth. Although brushing your dog’s teeth using a dog toothpaste and toothbrush is not the most convenient method, it is still the best way to promote oral hygiene in dogs.